Dalma is the voice of the Romanian Elsa in Frozen

Out of many singers who went to the audition for the big role, Dalma was chosen by Disney Studios: she sings all the songs of Elsa in the “Frozen” movie, and also the song “Making Today a Perfect Day” in the short film “Frozen Fever”.

While she was recording the songs in Bucharest (at that time nobody knew about the movie) she felt something in her gut and told everybody that “Let It Go” will be a major hit, “Just wait and see” she said. Well, we waited and we saw: “Frozen” won two Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song (“Let It Go”), the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film, two Grammy Awards for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media and Best Song Written for Visual Media (“Let It Go”) and many more! Talking about feminine intuition…

Fun facts

  • Dalma still receives phone calls from friends to talk on the phone with their daughters and sing “Let It Go”
  • She bought at least 150 Frozen DVDs in the last two years and gave them away as presents to her friends and collaborators
  • It was a challenge for her to sing the final high note of the song “Let It Go”, she declared “this was the hardest song ever recorded by her in a studio”
  • She bought all the Frozen dolls and books and she’s saving them for when she will have kids
  • She said she laughed a lot at the premiere but her favourite part remains the trailer, which you can not find in the movie (when Olaf and Sven are fighting for Olaf’s carrot nose)
  • Until she got Elsa’s part, she also sang the Romanian version in other Disney animated movies like “Lady and the Tramp” and “Home On The Range”