Dalma released her first official video!

After two years of working together, Marius Moga, the famous Romanian pop/R&B composer and Dalma finalised the song “Love Me Sweet” which has a pop sound with a retro touch.

Here are some fun facts you will surely enjoy:

  • at the time of shooting the video, Dalma was singing at Hotel Vega and the guys from the band are the ones you see dressed up like The Blues Brothers
  • Marius Moga appears for a few seconds, when the bald guy (the guitarist) stops the car thinking he cought Dalma
  • a whole floor of the hotel was shut down for three days while filming the video
  • the dancers and their coreographer, Edi Stancu are from the TV show “Dancing With The Stars” (Romania); the woman dressed in red is the coreographer’s wife
  • the video was shot in three whole days without a break; everybody had to be in stand by for not a soul knew what will be filmed next because nobody knew what was in Marius Moga’s mind, actually nobody, not even Dalma new about the plot of the video until this was released publicly
  • the two vintage cars were Vega hotel’s property; you can still rent them to take a ride at the seaside
  • the Cuban band Sintesis that appears in the beginning is famous in Cuba (they were nominated for Latin Grammy Awards)